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When It’s Time To Phone A Friend

One of the most important components to training well is to be able to listen to your body and understand your current (yes, note I …

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When It All Starts To Come Together

3 weeks out! Wow… time flies when you are having fun (or spending 16 hours a week swimming, biking and running ). My triathlon coach had …

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Lesson 7 :: When You Control What You Can Control

This last eighteen months in business has taught us that nothing in life is predictable. That we can make grand and glorious plans and at …

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Lesson 6 :: When It’s Not What You Have To Do

I was filling up my water bottle (for the second time this morning) and it suddenly hit me! I don’t “have to drink more water”, …

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Lesson 5 :: When The Race Is Canceled

So I won my first triathlon today. To be completely honest, it was a little like being first in my class when I was homeschooled.  The …

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Lesson 4 :: When It’s Time To Swim

I’m a pool rat. As a kid, I spent every hot summer day at the pool. Hours of swimming – no goggles, no nose plugs, …

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