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Lesson 6 :: When It’s Not What You Have To Do

I was filling up my water bottle (for the second time this morning) and it suddenly hit me! I don’t “have to drink more water”, …

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Lesson 5 :: When The Race Is Canceled

So I won my first triathlon today. To be completely honest, it was a little like being first in my class when I was homeschooled.  The …

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Lesson 4 :: When It’s Time To Swim

I’m a pool rat. As a kid, I spent every hot summer day at the pool. Hours of swimming – no goggles, no nose plugs, …

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Lesson 3 :: When You Get “The Look”

You know that “look”. That one that either says, “I need to appear excited for you, but I never think this will work” or the …

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Lesson 2 :: When You Need to Commit to the Long Game

All week I contemplated what deep lesson I could pull from week 2 of 17 in my IronMan training. I could talk about implementing a …

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Lesson 1 :: Don’t Settle For EASY + CHEAP.

You all get to come along for the ride over the next 17 weeks as I train for IronMan Woodlands!!  Each week I’ll be sharing a …

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