One of the most important components to training well is to be able to listen to your body and understand your current (yes, note I said current) limits. Your physical limits but also your mental limits.

Training for this upcoming endurance event has been such an educational experience for me. It’s been amazing to see how I think through and process the expectations and the requirements I have chosen to put on myself. On my last six hour ride I was amazed to think that I could sit on a bike and ride for six straight hours with no phone, no music, no conversation – only myself to talk to and endless content to think on. Our minds are amazing things! But our minds can turn and become our opponents in a flash. Understanding our mental limits is just as important as knowing our physical limits.

A week ago I had a training run which would be the longest run I had ever done. Not the longest in this season but my longest ever!! Knowing I would want to throw in the towel and would start talking trash to myself about two-thirds of the way through it, I decided it was time to phone a friend. Well, to be completely honest my friend knew this about me and phoned herself in first! She volunteered to ride her bike alongside me for the last six miles and ensure I kept my eye on the prize. She gave up her Saturday morning for me. And I finished my training run on pace.

Do you have a friend you can phone when the going gets tough in your business? Better yet, do you have a friend that will notice when you need that little nudge or that big push and will step up to cheer you on? Relationships are just as important as any other tool in our toolbox. Relationships are what will drive us forward when our mind says it’s too hard and we can’t continue.

I’m looking forward to race day – my friends and family will be there! They have volunteered to show up, rings the cow bells and tell me that I can do this thing! I know I’ll need that! Why run the race alone?

What can you do today to start building a positive friend section to cheer you on in your business journey?

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