3 weeks out! Wow… time flies when you are having fun (or spending 16 hours a week swimming, biking and running 😉).

My triathlon coach had a plan for me when we started working together. She knew my current abilities. She knew my ultimate goals. She knew what skills I would need to sharpen and how I would need to challenge myself as I would charge ahead toward my end goal.

Over the past weeks, as the plan has become more difficult, I’ve needed to trust her process, follow her direction and PUT IN THE TIME. So much time! But as I near the date of my event I’m feeling comfortable about the event itself because I know I’ve shown up 100% every day. I have followed her coaching and her plan even when I have been tired or tempted to just do things my own way.

When (not if, but when) you find yourself  discontent with where your business is going, when you desire more, when you know it’s time to improve your processes or stop settling for “good enough”, you will make the decision to sign up for a class, join a program or hire a coach. When you do, go all in!

Trust the process, put in the work, show up every day even when you don’t “feel” like you are making progress and even when you don’t agree with outline of the plan. Your coach is a coach for a reason! They get the big picture even when you might be so zoomed into your every day that you can’t see the forest from the trees. They know what you are capable of even when you are tired and beat down. And remember this: they know how everything will work together to produce the results you asked them for in the first place!

With only three weeks to go I can see all the pieces falling into place.

Here is my promise to you…. as you near the finish line of a goal you have set for your business,  you too will see that the effort you have put in and the system you have followed is setting you up for the success you desire! You’ve got this!

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