Value in Self-Reflection

As I transitioned out of my role as the founder of MODE, and re-envisioned myself as the new founder of btqBOX, I experienced pain that I was not expecting.

Frequently, as I was working on btqBOX, a past experience would come to mind, either good or bad, and knock the wind out of me. Even with a new project underway, removing myself emotionally from what had been my life’s purpose for so many years left a void that I struggled to fill.

In the early post-MODE days, after shuttering the last store, I simply needed rest. Trauma of any sort, including trauma from the loss of a business, takes a toll far greater on our bodies and our minds than we could have ever imagined.

To help relieve that PTSD, I began walking every morning. (Side note: we will talk a lot in this blog about self-care as entrepreneurs. For many years, I did a poor job of focusing on my well being, but post-MODE, I gained an appreciation for self-care as one of the most valuable tools we have in our control). Walking for over an hour every morning helped de-clutter my mind and allowed time to reflect on my recent experiences and focus on how they could positively apply to the future.

Self-reflection became my friend. Self-reflection took my hand and provided a retrospective look at my life, urging me to become more introspective and contemplative about how God created me and for what He created me.

When life is working well, when the train is chugging down the track, smooth and steady, it’s natural to develop a feeling of self-sufficiency. Assuming we are captain of the ship, we have a plan and we can control the execution of that plan. In the same way that some say, “Money hides problems,” so too does success hides character flaws. Success makes us look inward for direction rather than upward for guidance.

So with the newly acquired benefit time – free from the cloud of fixing problems and building a brand – self-reflection allowed me to view myself for who I really am and who I strive to be.

In the previous entries I talked about three powers: power of relationships, power of discipline and power of knowledge. As you follow along with me on this journey, I look forward to exploring those three subjects and revealing how self-reflection gave me the confidence to dig deep, learn from my experience, learn something new, and ultimately move forward.

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