I’m a recent convert to time blocking. (When I say “recent,” it’s in the context of several years of trial and error.) There is something very empowering in creating a simple and consistent schedule that puts me back in control of my day. Here are several practical tips for “simply scheduling”:
-Break up your workweek into five or six days. (Yes! Leave one day for rest, relaxation and self-care, which we’ll discuss later.)
-Break each day into three to five hour time blocks.
-For the first two weeks, simply record everything you do in each time block.
-Assess your time blocks, break up your projects into “buckets,” and add up the time you need each day for your simple “buckets.”
-For example: Consulting calls = 90 minutes daily; email response = 60 minutes daily; paperwork = 30 minutes; and so on.
-Then schedule your days and weeks according to the buckets of tasks; time block each day to allow plenty of time for your tasks, and when within that time block, practice discipline to focus solely on that task at hand.
-When you reach the end of your time block, when possible, shut down that task and proceed to the next bucket!
By blocking time in your day, you should find that you are more efficient, more focused, and more capable of accomplishing more each day and every week.

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