A good friend told me once “it is simply a season you are in.” The words freed me in that instant and have stayed with me since.

While we are constantly self-improving, putting new disciplines or processes in place there are times in our life when we need to step outside the parameters, we have created for ourselves and understand that “this is a season.” The season might literally be a holiday rush or it may be a season of grief or a season of extreme busy as we prepare for a life change. People flow in and out of our lives. We move, our kids grow, we change churches or change homes.

With every change comes a “season” of adjustment. As we choose to step back and give ourselves permission to be present in the season we are in we will soon find that the season will pass in due time and we can then continue on with our disciplines.

Instead of feeling the guilt of not being able to keep up with our good intentions, let’s instead realize that for everything there truly is a season and it is much more about the process than perfection.

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