It is that time of year. A getaway to a destination of choice. An escape from the winter months.

Whether it be for a family vacation, a couples retreat or a weekend with girlfriends, packing can be more stressful than planning the vacation itself. However, just as with anything else, the packing process can be simplified to allow for the perfect assortment and a light suitcase. Here are some tips for packing simply:

  • Start with a color scheme. Whether it be neutrals, bright colors or black and white, choose a theme so that everything you pack can be interchangeable.
  • Choose to layer. Remember that you don’t need a complete outfit with separate pieces for every day. Layering on new accessories or a fresh cardigan from your mix and match collection can re-fresh an outfit and provide several day’s wardrobe with just a few staple items *Always keep your to go toiletry kits together. I have travel sizes purchased in every toiletry item I use and I keep them in the zip lock baggie or in my travel cosmetic bag at all times. When I am ready to go I simply grab my pre-packed toiletries from the travel shelf and drop it in my suitcase or duffel. No need to pack and unpack very time – and better yet, I never forget anything because I always leave it packed!
  • If you tend to overpack and need room in your suitcase roll your clothes! Rolling your clothing (instead of folding it) creates space as you can pack tighter!

Travel often and pack simply!

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