Rising at five o’clock in the morning in the middle of winter when it is dark as can be and below zero is not exactly anyone’s ideal schedule.  However, there is something so serene about early mornings.  The quiet calm before the hustle and bustle of the day, the pink hue of the sunrise or the quiet chirping of the birds.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love my sleep.  I really do.  However, as I have fallen in love with the practice of time blocking I have found that rising early on specific days of the week to enlist the early morning as a tool in my day has produced tremendous results in both my business growth and my mental health.  I would challenge you to choose one day this week and time block out your morning the night before.  What tasks do you want to accomplish each hour for the first two hours after you first get up?  What investment in yourself will you make with the extra time you are gifting to yourself?  Will you sit quietly with a cup of coffee?  Will you read a short devotional?  Will you have time to plan your day in a calm space?  

An early and well used morning can simplify the remainder of our day.

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