I’ve always been a lover of Mondays. To me they are like New Year’s Day – every week! A fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to pursue my goals and dreams in a new way. 

Here are some practical ways to set yourself up for simple (and productive) Mondays!


  • Enjoy your Sunday focused on relationships and free of work. If you allow your brain to rest and your mind to settle while “closing up shop” even for a short 24 hours every week you will find yourself ready to get back at it with a fresh perspective and more energy on Monday morning!
  • Clean off your desk Friday. Finishing your work week, cleaning off your desk and leaving your space de-cluttered and in order will be worth the extra ten minutes when you walk back into a clean and orderly space on Monday morning.
  • Choose one indulgence that you are allowed every Monday. Whether that be a coffee to kick off the day or your favorite podcast over the lunch hour having your “Monday treat” to look forward to will set you up for enjoying the simplicity of a well thought out and productive Monday.

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