Right thing, wrong time

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the day after my return home from Ethiopia. Not the day of the return, but the day after the return. I remember this day because I was exhausted. After a whirlwind week on the African continent, a 23-hour journey home, and the time change disturbance, my body was absolutely worn out. But while my body craved sleep (and let’s be real, a hot shower and a massage, too), my mind was completely renewed.

One of the bitterest parts of dismantling MODE was the loss of dreams and expectations I had built, including how I would speak into the lives of women through my brand. One of those dreams had been to build a global support effort through the I Pour Life program. For years, I dreamt of organizing a MODE-sponsored trip to Ethiopia with I Pour Life and my team of employees and franchisees. I had envisioned our time as we would minister to women across the globe, and learn and grow together through our shared experiences.

Several years later, my retail operation was closed, my team gone, and my dream in ruins. I found myself alone and contemplative, searching for my “next thing” when the call came from my friend and I Pour Life founder, Julie, asking if I wanted to fly across the world for a special retreat in Ethiopia.

Throughout our time together, I have shared with you my belief that in the midst of grief and pain our senses are heightened, our perspective is different, and we are often ready with open arms to accept what is next? When I planted my feet in Ethiopia a year ago that is where I was both mentally and spiritually. Sure, I would have enjoyed that trip with my retail team and franchisees, but I may not have been so open and attentive to smell, taste, and experience the opportunity like I was in this moment – a moment given to me by God, on His timing and not my own.

You know what they say, “The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.” With patience and my faith in God’s plan, I finally stumbled into the right time, when my heart and mind was ready. Traveling to Ethiopia on my own, time away from social media, meeting and ministering to women who had less than me yet were full of joy – being in the right place at the right time allowed me to fully soak it all in and maximize the experience, in ways that were not possible before. No longer distracted by business, stress, and struggle, God knew that I was ready for this right thing – this life-changing opportunity – at the right time.

Maybe you are feeling left out, discouraged, or disappointed by a turn of events that changes a future you thought was guaranteed. Remind yourself that you can find meaning in your experience, and sometimes, in due time, our greatest disappointment reveals itself to be the perfect opportunity.

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