Moving Forward

Resiliency. I love this word. A friend that had trudged through her own painful battle in business first spoke the word to me. She had begun a practice in resiliency and I found that journey so attractive. I wanted to learn more about this deep and inspiring word. Because of what I saw in her, I wanted to own this word in my own life. In fact, I contemplated writing an entire book on the thought provoking idea of resilience.

Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

Resiliency: the ability to recover from misfortune; the ability to return to original form after being bent

Both of these definitions speak to forward movement. They speak to recovery, to the capability to move through adversity and beyond the grasp of where your trials could hold you back. They speak to the idea that instead of staying stuck, you come out stronger on the other side. And there is a deeper meaning I want to point out. Those that are resilient do not just move through adversity quickly, they do not just recover, they “return to their original form after being bent”.

We have this silly fork in our silverware drawer. No one knows were it came from. It doesn’t match any of the others. It is thin and homely (if a fork can be homely) – it just has a weird shape and flimsy design. It is constantly being bent – in the dishwasher, in the drawer, when it is used! The funny thing is when we bend it back it always goes back to it’s original design. You can see the little ripple where it has been bent and worn and used, but it still looks like a fork and of course it functions as a fork.

Resiliency doesn’t mean that we recover without scrapes, bruises or scars. And being resilient doesn’t make us into someone entirely different. Being resilient means we bounce back, we power through! It also means as we bounce back that at our core we hold onto the pieces of our heart that make us, us! We remain our own individual self, who we were created to be. I will always be innovative and creative. I will think the best of people. I will give the benefit of the doubt.

Part of moving forward is taking ownership of our successes and our failures, owning the chapter that is behind us. But the better part of bouncing back through resiliency is that our heart comes back to its “original form” of goodness in the belief that what you are doing is making a difference. Those that are truly resilient attract us to their glow not because they are mighty warriors, but because when they get knocked down they stand up, brush themselves off and choose to continue to lead well.

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