Powerfully simple living

Over the last several months, you have walked alongside me as I have unpacked the thoughts and emotions produced after a series of traumatic events in my small business journey. During this time, emails, notes and texts have filled my inbox – words from dear friends encouraging me to continue writing; words from strangers who have found some small comfort in the revelation that they are not alone in their real-life struggles; and words from hopeful entrepreneurs and stay-at-home moms working tirelessly to realize their dreams.

Reading and digesting these words has brought me to the conclusion that, at the end of the day, we all have “stuff.” Life is life and although the flavor may be different or the timing of events may be unique, the emotions and struggles we all feel are real.

The simultaneous actions of writing, receiving the observations of others, and launching my coaching program, have made it clear that sometimes in our journey we simply need a clear and direct path forward. Sometimes we simply require a formula to help get us up off the couch and find the will to try again, as well as an outside perspective to shine a bright light on what we already know. In the very simplest terms, we just need to be held accountable for turning our knowledge and resolve into action.

A constant student of my own life’s journey, the words “simple,” “power,” and “intention” come to mind. I keep mulling over the fact that when life takes an unexpected turn – when your vision isn’t becoming a reality, or when you simply do not know where to begin – there has to be a simple way to take all the info, break it down, and create actionable – yet powerful – steps.

My observations have shown me that intentionally choosing our paths, intentionally choosing our relationships, and intentionally choosing our “next big things,” have the power to make them reality.

Through my coaching experiences, I have determined that more than anything else, small businesses struggle because they either a) Don’t have the basic knowledge to build a sustainable business model, or b) try to implement every single idea and strategy on the market, rather than creating a simple and streamlined plan tailored to their unique business goals.

With that knowledge and lessons learned through my experiences of building a seven-figure business, as well as the observations I have made through work with my clients, I have created the “Powerfully Simple Business Method.” Though this method is intended for entrepreneurs, the principles can be applied to nearly every aspect of life. By simplifying what we bring to each day and breaking down our goals into straightforward, sustainable action plans, we can build personal and professional lives that are powerful in their simplicity.

Want to learn more about living powerfully simple? Join me over the next few weeks as we break down this life-changing method – one step at a time!

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