Power of knowledge

I was on the phone recently with a fellow entrepreneur. We had been communicating fairly frequently throughout the previous month, during which I shared with her some of my experiences surrounding the launch of btqBOX. During this particular call, I described the challenges unique to this new business model, and that I was contemplating how best to make it all jibe.

She responded, “Ciara, if you had to identify your one super power what would it be?”

My one super power? That question caught me off guard, and so unlike my normal chatty self, I didn’t know how to respond. I would have no problem sharing with her activities in which I find joy, a variety of qualities in which I feel I excel, and what I consider my ultimate role in my newly launched business. However, my one super power? I was stumped.

Sensing my hesitation, she continued, “Once you find that super power, live in that.”

As entrepreneurs, we often feel like we are super heroes. We have taken risks that others are reluctant to take. We feel like we can do it all, like we are called to do it all. Should we wear all the hats, and do we really need to wear all the hats?

I began digging into that phrase, “super power.” The first thing that came to mind was the movie, The Incredibles. That family had it all figured out. They identified and fully understood each of their “super powers,” and they lived in that.

For example, Violet comprehends that she can become invisible, and while she may also run fast, she does not try running as fast as Dash. Nor does she think she will become the one and only hero of the family by willing herself into stretching, or becoming as strong as her Dad. She knows her super power and she uses it to its fullest – all day, every day.

We were all created with a specific skill set – a heart and mind that filters information a specific way and responds to a specific learning style. Our unique super power is just that: unique to us. Once we can identify that specific quality in ourselves – whether that be selling, the ability to envision the future, the ability to make order from chaos, etc. – the sooner we can begin to explore the benefits of that super power, surround ourselves with people that compliment it, and provide ourselves with the time and freedom to use our own power to its fullest.

Once we know how we think, how we process information and begin using our gifts in a productive way, we can begin to efficiently and effectively build our businesses. Can you identify your super power? Give it some thought and let me know. You can email me privately at Hello@CiaraStockeland.com, or share with our online community on Instagram. I’d love to hear from you!

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