Opportunities in challenges

When faced with a challenge, a struggle, or a rough spot in the ocean of life, we have a decision to make. We can constantly look back and ask, “Why me?” Or we can look ahead and ask, “What for?”

I vividly remember the drive home after I closed the doors and walked away from my store for the last time. The feeling of peace that rushed over me by finally letting go was something I never anticipated. I admit that in the coming days there would be plenty of tears resulting from the loss of my dream, but they were nothing compared to the tears of anxiety that constantly washed over me while desperately trying to cling to what I wanted. These new tears were cleansing tears, beginning the process of washing away the grief to make room for something new.

When my dream fell apart and I finally let the Lord pry it from my hand, I felt a sense of peace and release I had never dreamed possible. In the coming days I found time to rest and reflect on the last chapter and determine what I would do differently the next time around.

My life over the previous decade had been so consumed with MODE, that I now found myself with necessary time to think, to breathe, to feel. I had the physical and mental time to get up in the morning and go for a walk, say “yes” to a friend’s invitation to lunch, or sit with my children with no hurried schedule. This realization hit me in those first few weeks, and as I slowly began to find comfort and freedom in living life by being present, I decided this feeling of peaceful living had to remain at the core of anything I would do in the future. And with that foundation firmly in place, what other changes could I make going forward to provide benefits in future ventures?

Several key themes arose as I contemplated the lessons of the past and applied them to actions for the future:

   – The power of relationships
   – The power of discipline
   – The power of knowledge

By combining these three tools, we can begin building a strong foundation to provide true balance as entrepreneurs.

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