I was filling up my water bottle (for the second time this morning) and it suddenly hit me! I don’t “have to drink more water”, I “get to”. A month or so into my IronMan training and I’m learning all about better nutrition for fueling your body. I never played athletics in school.  In more recent years as I have taken up running I have always felt to busy to stop and do all the things you see and hear other athletes do when it comes to fueling and taking care of our body. 

However the undertaking of training for an endurance sport like this one has required more of me. I have forced myself to stop and learn what I need to do be best set up for success. This of course includes drinking a lot of water. 

I’ll confess, I’m not a fan. I’d rather have ten cups (ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration) of coffee a day rather than drink another glass of water. So as I was filling up this water bottle and the thought of “I get to” filled my mind I was pleasantly surprised at my new frame of mind. 

Learning to read financials, having hard conversations with employees, making the decision to scratch a vendor- they should all be looked at as things we “get to do” in our businesses not things we just “have to do”. 

Because we are women who lead we have the privilege of doing the hard things and sometimes even the unpleasant things that we know will build a healthier and more successful business. When we shift to a “get to” mindset, it’s amazing how the tasks become lighter and the procrastination and excuses cease.

What are some things in your business that you need to start looking at as “get to” tasks? 

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