So I won my first triathlon today. To be completely honest, it was a little like being first in my class when I was homeschooled. 😉 The truth is, when you are the only woman competing, when you finish you win! 💪

Let’s back up. This morning I got up bright and early ready for a sprint triathlon which was on my docket as part of my training. I was pumped! I had some goals in mind and was ready to go for it! So it’s safe to say I was just a wee bit disappointed when a thunderstorm decided to roll through and play havoc with race day. The triathlon was canceled, everyone packed up and took off. 

When you have plans, when you set a course, when you get your mindset in check and then when life then throws a wrench in your plans you can pout, throw in the towel, kick and scream or…… you can make your own kind of race day! 

My husband and I decided to stay until the storm clouds passed and then, more than five hours later, we set our watches and raced the course! One man in the male division and me by my lonesome in the women’s division. It was great! Racing against yourself can be even more tough than racing a crowd. We turned the disappointment into a great experience. 

What have you recently found as a disappointment? I would love to hear from you. What plans have gone to the wayside and what have you done to pull yourself up and press on? 

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