I’m a pool rat. As a kid, I spent every hot summer day at the pool. Hours of swimming – no goggles, no nose plugs, just all in for hours of races with friends, holding our breathe and all sorts of diving board tricks! 

But the lake? Seaweed and sludge? Ya, not so much. 

The IronMan doesn’t take place in a pool with lane lines and clear water. I knew this when I signed up and I knew although swimming itself didn’t scare me, the murky, choppy waters would. 

Knowing this will be one of my biggest mental challenges of my upcoming race day I decided this was the week to start tackling the challenge head on. Today I put on my cap, set my watch and jumped in. One hour of non stop swimming was today’s goal. Breathe, settle down, breathe, calm down and just keep moving. 

Anytime we start something new there are things that will challenge our mental capacity in a new way. We get comfortable doing what we know, what feels good, what we understand. We get comfortable seeing the bottom of the pool! However, as my mom used to say, “There comes a time when you need to broaden your horizons”. Dig deeper. Take the skill you already have and push yourself to do more. Tackle the scary. Change it up. Swim through that seaweed and just keep going! 

In what areas of life or business have you become too comfortable? What skill do you have that you could expand on? In what area could you push your mind to go beyond your comfort zone as you sharpen your skills? 

Go for it! Sometimes you just have to set your stop watch and jump in. 

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