You know that “look”. That one that either says, “I need to appear excited for you, but I never think this will work” or the one that flat out says, “Oh boy, good luck with that”. Or maybe it is not even a look. Maybe those you thought would be in your court flat out tell you, “You will never be successful at this venture/idea/task”.

For all the cheerleaders in our circles, there are always those that just cannot bring themselves to understand why we choose to do what we do or even how our dreams could ever be achievable.

Week three into IronMan training has offered me many “looks”. From smiles and encouraging words, to looks of pity, it has been so interesting to watch the reactions of those around me when they learn about my new venture.

The same follows true for entrepreneurs. So often when we share our decisions to open, launch, expand or grow we can find ourselves surrounded by those that would never call themselves naysayers, and yet just cannot bring themselves to offer more than a forced smile. When you share your vision of opening your own business or perhaps quitting your “day job” to focus on your dreams, even those that are in your inner circle can sometimes find it hard to share in the excitement without offering words of caution. So then, how should you respond?

First, it is important to remember there are three camps when it comes to sharing what lies ahead of us. Those that will cheer us on, be there for us and share in the celebration; those that want to love us, encourage us and cheer us on but just don’t understand; and those that will only bring us down. For the first group – share the details! Bring them into the journey with you, you will need the love and support on the tough days and even more so when you want to quit. For those in group two, don’t be offended by their lack of confidence in you. You need to find confidence in yourself. Share the news with them and then let them either move on or join as silent cheerleaders in the background. Chances are the lack of confidence they openly share with you is simply because they would never see how they themselves could accomplish what you just set out to do. And those in group three? Well, I would just skip the news and instead let them discover the photo finish. Why use energy trying to convince negative people that your path is the right one. The journey ahead will be tough enough. No need to add to the burden! Above all remember that this is YOUR decision. Enjoy the “looks” and take them for what they are – just looks! After all, you are the reason you started this chapter, and you are the reason you will finish strong.

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