All week I contemplated what deep lesson I could pull from week 2 of 17 in my IronMan training. I could talk about implementing a training plan for the first time, or sticking with the new schedule knowing that it will take time to get into new habits, or maybe even about switching up the way I now look at nutrition and fueling.

And then I was forced to sit quietly and wait patiently when weather and car problems put a crimp in my weekend plans. This wasn’t in my plan or in my schedule!

However the unscheduled quiet time under an umbrella staying free from the large raindrops, was exactly what I needed today.

When we start something new it is exciting! We are all in. One hundred percent on board. We are ready for change, ready to tackle the new project, difficult schedule or changes in our behavior. This morning was a gentle reminder that I am in this for the long haul and that building margin into my week is what will help keep me focused, refreshed and able to make it to the end goal.

When you start a new process or implement a new system in your business make sure you schedule time for rest and reflection. Commit to the long game. As business owners it is so important to give our new found “business muscles” time to rest and recover. Resting our mind is a key ingredient to the ultimate success we wish for ourselves with any change. It’s imperative that we gift our mind with time to reflect on our new journey, what it will mean for us in the coming days, and how it has felt so far all the while creating a vision for our future.

Here is to one week down, sixteen to go!

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