You all get to come along for the ride over the next 17 weeks as I train for IronMan Woodlands!! 💪 Each week I’ll be sharing a lesson learned that relates to business!! 👇👇👇👇

Could I Google it? For sure. Do I want to succeed? Yep, even more than I want to just settle for {easy and cheap}.

For any big or small goal we set we have to prep for success. Here we go!!! Day 2 of my upcoming 17 weeks of training in prep for #ironmanwoodlands

When I decided to take a leap into the vast unknown and sign up for my first IronMan there was one thing I was certain of…. I needed to put together a team that would set me up for the best possible outcome to my commitment. After all I committed so why would I do it half way? (Think on that as it relates to your biz!!).

Could I Google a training plan? Yep! But I would have no idea what I was looking at or how I should adjust for my skill level or athletic ability. I need a coach.

Could I Google how to best get training energy? Yep! But the last thing I want is to eat the wrong foods or run out of fuel. I need an expert.

Could I buy the cheapest sneakers at the local outlet? Yep! But I need to protect my feet, and ankles and knees from the endless pounding I’ll experience over the next 17 weeks. I need quality.

So I looked for an IronMan coach that has been there and done that. Someone I could relate to and that could push me when needed but adjust when necessary. I found a nutritionist who could help me purchase the right options for my body’s needs. I bought the right gear that fits me well and will last through the training.

The same goes for YOU as a business owner!!

Can you Google “How to create a budget” or “How manage your inventory”  or “How implement Profit First”?!? Darn sure you can. But think on this…. wouldn’t it be BEST to hire someone who had been there and done that? Someone who can create a plan that fits your business and your needs?

I may not be the best fit but {FIND an EXPERT} somewhere!!

Can you sign up for cheap DIY courses or listen to free advice from your peers? Yep! You sure can…. but why pay the cheap price just to turn around and pay the {high price} of business injury, costly mistakes and shattered dreams?

This week as I start my training and get ready to dig in for the next 17 weeks I’m choosing to put together a team that will get me to and last the finish line!

You owe that to yourself in your business too. 😘

17 weeks and counting down to the 🏊‍♀️🚴🏃‍♀️💪

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