Getting back in the game

Tara inspired me.

When I was fighting hard to stay in my comfortable place – writing my blog, building my new business from my home office, detached and unwilling to be involved with anyone who could hurt me in business again – I met Tara (I am changing her name to keep her identity private).

I had just launched btqBOX. I was ready to try my hand at business again, promising myself that I would do it differently this time around.

“No leases and no loans,” I told my husband.

“No relationships, no conversations, no investing in people,” I told myself.

I would learn from my experiences and never again put myself in the position of having my heart ripped out and aspirations trampled. This time around, I would not only refuse to sign on the dotted line of documents, I would also refuse the investment of my heart and soul in human relationships. I would build a product, sell it, write my blog, walk my dog, and live quietly in my small town home.

And then I met Tara.

Tara sent me a message saying she had just signed up to run her own boutique business, signed up for btqBOX as a tool to use in her new boutique, and then her husband was tragically killed in a car accident. My heart grieved for her. I sent my condolences and said if she needed anything, I was here.

It’s clear to me now that God acted through Tara, encouraging me to be bold and brave – to step outside of my comfort zone and risk loving again.

In the months that followed, I continued to build btqBOX. I started writing and accepted public speaking invitations. I began to show up more for my boutique owners within the btqBOX company, including offering some free consultations, which brought me back in touch with Tara. She shared her story again; only this time I was truly open as she told me how, over the last year, she had grieved deeply, unable to get up off the couch most days. Tara explained that she knew it was time to get up and make the dream she and her husband had envisioned become a reality, which is why she booked the consultation. She said that while every day was still hard, and every action in it was harder, the community I was building was giving her the incentive and strength to just show up and “do.”

What Tara didn’t know was that she was doing the same for me. I believe that God brought Tara into my life for a reason. How could I sit on the other end of the phone and not help her? I knew how to build a business. I knew how to do hard things. I had the knowledge. Just because I could get hurt gain was not a reason to keep people like Tara at arm’s length. 

In all honesty, maybe she would hurt me. But more likely she would not. In the most likely scenario, I would help her and, in so doing, help my own heart find the deep healing it desperately needed. When I chose to trust, instead of fear, I once again found my true purpose. 

I thank God for Tara. By sharing her story, she shared her bravery with me, and together we were able to embolden the other to pursue the next chapter.

What is propelling you to step out and take the next bold and brave step towards a new beginning? 

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