In an interview with Entrepreneur magazine, Ciara discussed how she grew her small business concept into a franchise business model. Link here to learn more about Ciara’s experience.

In an interview with Smart Hustle Magazine, Ciara discussed the transition from small business owner to multi-unit franchisor, providing valuable insights into the lessons learned through her unique experience. Link here to listen to her interview and read the accompanying article.

During Entrepreneurship Week, Ciara was a guest on “The Best Team Wins Podcast” with host Adam Robinson, during which she discussed how investing in your team leads to overall business success. Link here to listen to the podcast or read the transcript.

What sets Ciara apart is the fact that she’s worn the hat of every aspect of the boutique industry. If starting her own boutique from scratch and running a brick and mortar isn’t hard enough, Ciara also scaled her boutique into a franchise. She also wholesaled and distributed their products. Now she’s bringing together all of those aspects and experiences in a single package to help boutique owners and brands grow in their journey.

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