The most challenging part of any new venture, or any change of behavior, is knowing where to start. We look to the task at hand and are quickly overwhelmed by all of the moving pieces. We evaluate our business and know we need to make changes, but where do we begin? 

We tend to over think these things when what we just need to do is simply start – and start simply. Identify five tasks that need to be accomplished. Some examples include: evaluating your team, organizing your paperwork, reviewing you current inventory, and deciding which tasks you would outsource if you could afford it. After you select your first five tasks, then rank them from easiest to hardest and simply start by tackling the easiest task first and working your way down the list. Think of it as “decluttering” your business. And as Francine Jay says in her book, The Joy of Less, “Decluttering is infinitely easier when you decide what to keep rather than what to throw away.”

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