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Power of knowledge

As entrepreneurs, we often feel like we are super heroes. We have taken risks that others are reluctant to take. We feel like we can do it all, like we are called to do it all.

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Power of relationships

Since I began sharing my story last month, I?ve received an overwhelming response from readers that supports my mission to help others feel less alone in their experiences…

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Power of discipline

You know what it means. When you get that email from your team member that says, ?Can I meet with you tomorrow morning?? Instinctively, you know they are quitting.

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Opportunities in challenges

When faced with a challenge, a struggle, or a rough spot in the ocean of life, we have a decision to make. We can constantly look back and ask, ?Why me?? Or we can look ahead and ask, ?What for??

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I don?t like the word ?fail? as it applies to life?s circumstances. To ?fail? would be to say that there are scores being kept ? that there is a way to ?pass? in business, as well.

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Hard lessons lead to smart beginnings

Of all the small businesses I have launched, MODE is the one that will forever hold a piece of my heart.

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