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Simply build

Building a solid business is not about doing ?all the things.? It?s about doing a few things simply and doing them well. Take marketing, for …

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Simply start

The most challenging part of any new venture, or any change of behavior, is knowing where to start. We look to the task at hand …

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One piece at a time

It isn?t just mentioned in conversations with multi-million dollar business owners; it shows up in conversations with those just launching their business and those looking to take their business to the next level. So where does this sense of ?overwhelm? come from?

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Right thing, wrong time

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the day after my return home from Ethiopia. Not the day of the return, but the day after the return. I remember this day because I was exhausted. After a whirlwind week on the African continent, a 23-hour journey home…

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Powerfully simple living

By simplifying what we bring to each day and breaking down our goals into straightforward, sustainable action plans, we can build personal and professional lives that are powerful in their simplicity.

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Getting back in the game

I thank God for Tara. By sharing her story, she shared her bravery with me, and together we were able to embolden the other to pursue the next chapter.

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