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Learning through your story

It was day two of shutting down my last store. This was the store that started it all. The store that launched my brand and …

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Power of sharing your story

It’s a layer deeper than owning it. Sharing it is claiming it. Have you ever been in the grocery store and you see a familiar …

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Everyone has a story (or how I like to say it, “everyone has stuff”)

One of the biggest lessons I learned through the “MODE” chapters of my story, was that everyone has “stuff”. When life is breezing by, when …

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Power in owning your story

We were on a walk. I don’t really remember what month it was. Sometimes the two years we pushed through the shutting of MODE and …

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Power of the pivot

Life in general continually throws us curve balls. Unexpected changes to our routines, a wrench thrown in our plans or a fork in the road. …

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Simply self care

We hear it all the time. The need for work/life balance. True balance starts with the care of ourselves and yet this simple practice is …

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