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Simply packing

It is that time of year. A getaway to a destination of choice. An escape from the winter months. Whether it be for a family …

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Simply seasons

A good friend told me once ?it is simply a season you are in.? The words freed me in that instant and have stayed with …

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Simply mornings

Rising at five o?clock in the morning in the middle of winter when it is dark as can be and below zero is not exactly …

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Simply say ‘no’

A friend recently sent me a message: ?Booster meeting tonight at 7pm.??I read the note, sat back in my chair and contemplated my response for …

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Simply time block

I?m a recent convert to time blocking. (When I say ?recent,? it?s in the context of several years of trial and error.) There is something …

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Simply mail

Every time you bring in the mail, immediately go through it. Make three piles: bills, letters (I?m guessing this one will be slim) and junk. …

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