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Simple Tips for Breaking Down a Goal

Do you ever look at your goals and feel like they are unattainable? You and me both! Sometimes we look at our big goal and …

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Simple Tips for Keeping Inventory Paperwork Organized

Simple Tips Do you find yourself digging though email confirmations or piles of papers just to find out how much you paid for that last order?  Here …

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Resilience: Moving forward

Moving Forward Resiliency. I love this word. A friend that had trudged through her own painful battle in business first spoke the word to me. …

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Learning through your story

It was day two of shutting down my last store. This was the store that started it all. The store that launched my brand and …

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Power of sharing your story

It’s a layer deeper than owning it. Sharing it is claiming it. Have you ever been in the grocery store and you see a familiar …

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Everyone has a story (or how I like to say it, “everyone has stuff”)

One of the biggest lessons I learned through the “MODE” chapters of my story, was that everyone has “stuff”. When life is breezing by, when …

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