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Lesson 3 :: When You Get “The Look”

You know that “look”. That one that either says, “I need to appear excited for you, but I never think this will work” or the …

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Lesson 2 :: When You Need to Commit to the Long Game

All week I contemplated what deep lesson I could pull from week 2 of 17 in my IronMan training. I could talk about implementing a …

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Lesson 1 :: Don’t Settle For EASY + CHEAP.

You all get to come along for the ride over the next 17 weeks as I train for IronMan Woodlands!!  Each week I’ll be sharing a …

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Simple Tips for Breaking Down a Goal

Do you ever look at your goals and feel like they are unattainable? You and me both! Sometimes we look at our big goal and …

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Simple Tips for Keeping Inventory Paperwork Organized

Simple Tips Do you find yourself digging though email confirmations or piles of papers just to find out how much you paid for that last order?  Here …

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Resilience: Moving forward

Moving Forward Resiliency. I love this word. A friend that had trudged through her own painful battle in business first spoke the word to me. …

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